Connect Your Teachers, Students and Classes Digitally

Create accounts for your teachers and students. Add students to classes and assign teachers/mentors to them.

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Learn more about Edugain Student Account

Implement Digital Classrooms or Math Labs

Edugain can be accessed by your students and teachers using a computer, laptop or tablet connected to the internet. Depending upon the device to student ratio you have in your school, you can use Edugain in various modes:

Edugain Digital Classroom

If every student in your school has access to a device connected to the internet, teachers can use Edugain during the regular math slots to carry out activities like practice, assessment or remediation.

Edugain Math Lab

If every student in your school does not have access to a device connected to the internet, but you have an existing computer lab or a few devices/computers, you can use the lab or set of devices as Math Lab with one class at a time.

Edugain as Teaching Resource

If your school does not have the infrastructure to allow students to access Edugain while at school, your teachers can use Edugain to create printables usable as classwork, homework or assessments. If some of your students can access Edugain from home, your teachers can have flexibility to stay connected with them.

Use Your School's Logo and Branding

You can use Edugain as your school's very own Math Learning System, complete with your own logo, branding and unique URL. All printables created with your own system carry your logo and branding.

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