Grade 6 - Second quarter at school

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Contents: Second quarter at school

Fractions, Decimals

Smaller topics in Second quarter at school

FractionsTake a test
- Fractions : BasicTake a test
- Fractions : Add, SubtractTake a test
- Fractions : Multiply, DivideTake a test
- Fractions : Word ProblemsTake a test
- Fractions : Equivalent FractionTake a test
- Fractions : OperationsTake a test
- Fractions : Number lineTake a test
- Fractions : Proper fractionTake a test
- Fractions : Improper fractionTake a test
- Fractions : Unit FractionTake a test
- Fractions : Mixed fractionTake a test
- Fractions : Comparison of fractionsTake a test
- Fractions : Multiplication of fraction by a whole numberTake a test
- Fractions : Division of mixed fraction by proper fractionTake a test
- Fractions : SimplificationTake a test
DecimalsTake a test
- Decimals : BasicTake a test
- Decimals : Word ProblemsTake a test

Some selected skills in Decimals

-   Fractions - Addition and SubtractionWorksheetTake a test
-   Mixed Fractions - Addition and SubtractionWorksheetTake a test
-   Fractions - Reducing them to the simplest formWorksheetTake a test
-   Fractions - Ascending|Descending Order, Reduce to simplest formWorksheetTake a test
-   Fractions - Reducing fractions and mixed operationWorksheetTake a test
Sample Grade 6 Decimals worksheet : Printed Online
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